Lernabenteuer an der GIS

Learning Adventures at GIS

Feb 27 2015

Caring Dollars

By Stefanie Amann, Head of Elementary

What is all this excitment about?

If you walked by our Kindergarten classrooms you may have heard and seen the excitement about learning. Kindergarten classes are inquiring into trade and the role money plays in our lives.

Learning about Money in creative ways

As you can imagine students have a lot of ideas about why we need money and how we use it. Since action learning is an important component of IB, Frau Marciano and Frau Heckmann created learning opportunities for their groups that allow them to explore their questions and experience some real life, hands-on trading. Over the last weeks the classes created their own action learning by putting together their advertisement, building a sales booth, making and packaging scented “Knete” (playdough) and finally selling their product to other students. At the same time grade and preschool teachers awarded “Caring Dollars” to students who exhibited that component of our learner profile and this week students were able to buy Knete from our Kindergartners.

Cross-Class Exchange of Knowledge

This unit also demonstrates how learning can happen across classroom boundaries by raising awareness about one component of our learner profile, it offered opportunities for students and teachers to reflect on behavior together.

Thank you Waldeulen and Schneeeulen for teaching us all!

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