Lernabenteuer an der GIS

Learning Adventures at GIS

Oct 28 2019

German Culture and the IB Learner Profile

By Daniela Williams

 „Ich geh mit meiner Laterne und meine Laterne mit mir …“ are the words to a song you are very likely to hear every November 11th, as children in Germany will gather on St. Martins Day to celebrate this event with a very special lantern parade.

If you are a parent of a preschool or kindergarten student here at GIS, it is very likely that you have heard the words to this song as well. Maybe you joined us for an “Open Sing” event, or maybe your little one just started singing it in the car, at home or at the store! It is simply the most beloved song and along with crafting lanterns with our families and our very own lantern parade, is also part of our St. Martin tradition here at GIS, a wonderful way to introduce children to this special day in German culture. 

In the most well-known story about his deeds and his life, St. Martin shared his cloak with a beggar who had no clothes, bringing a little light into the dim world of a homeless and freezing man. The little lights in our lanterns become a symbol of this light and how being caring towards others can brighten the lives of others as well as our own. In the lantern parade, the many lit lanterns we see remind us that we all have the power to bring a little light into the world and the more little lights we have, the brighter we can light the night! 

Martin cared and so do we! Being caring (fürsorglich) is one of the IB attributes we are fostering here at GIS, and for us and our little ones, it is one of the most important ones. 

Hope to see you at this year’s lantern parade, so we can all shine our little lights together!