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Nov 08 2019

Mauerfall 30 Years

By Stefanie Amann

Thirty years ago the wind of change was blowing strong in Germany. On Nov. 9th the border between East and West Germany opened and East Germans were finally able to travel, see family and friends in the West and speak their mind.

Like many, I do remember this exciting time with great detail.

I was watching the news and decided to go visit friends in Berlin right away. How often do you have a chance to be part of history?

What I still remember most is how different it was to cross the border. While there were still soldiers, they were actually smiling and waving. In Berlin, there were crowds of people from East and West Berlin everywhere and we all celebrated finally being able to come together as one. 

The reunification was and still is a challenging process, but to know that so many people were a part of it and were able to bring significant change with a peaceful revolution still inspires me. 

Our 5th grade students and I are working with members of our extended community to capture memories of this exciting time. If you personally remember the event or know of somebody who would be interested in sharing their memories, please feel free to contact me.

Here are some pictures and newspaper clips and of course my own a piece of the wall.