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Sep 25 2014

Powerful Questions - PYP Unit "Who we are", 2nd grade

By Stefanie Amann, Head of Elementary

Our second grade students are asking all kinds of powerful questions as part of their "Who we are" PYP unit.

Their main statement is: Viele Menschen bilden eine Gemeinschaft - How many people form a community?

After having brainstormed the different communities they are a part of, they are currently looking into the roles of our school community members. Their classroom walls and boards outside show how much of this inquiry process is driven by students and the questions they ask. Based on their interests, students formed groups and inquired deeper about community helpers. As a result they created profile posters and are now working on writing a story that involves their chosen community helper. What a perfect example of how PYP lets us integrate different subject areas seamlessly.

At this point they are busy developing interview questions and I can't wait to spend time with them next week when they will conduct interviews with GSP community members!