Lernabenteuer an der GIS

Learning Adventures at GIS

May 21 2014

Road Trip across the USA - brought to you by 4th grade


For the last few weeks our 4th grade students have been busy researching and learning about the states of the United States of America. To demonstrate their learning, this unit culminated in a road trip through the US.
Students prepared a power point presentation that summarized their findings about their particular state - and prepared a display for our own state exhibit. With the help of their families they added a culinary feature to their presentation, thank you parents!
While visiting the stations I learned so many things about the US, about state mottos, birds, recipes for salt water taffy and much more.
Student learning is most meaningful if students are fully engaged, identify with the subject and have fun.
This was a wonderful example of how to do all of this and more!
Thank you 4th grade for helping me learn something new!