Lernabenteuer an der GIS

Learning Adventures at GIS

Nov 12 2015

SWAT Training at GIS

By Julia Matschukat, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Why was the SWAT Team at GIS?

The Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team, commonly referred to as the SWAT Team, visited the newly acquired property adjacent to the school for training purposes on November 11th. 


Continued Education is Important for All

For Head of School, Blake Peters, it was important to make this property available to community organizations for furthering education purposes. Herr Peters extended the invitation to the SWAT team, as well as the Fire Department, who plan to come train in the near future. 

While the focus of the training was for the SWAT Team, Herr Peters was able to learn a new skill himself!

Oregon State Representative, Ken Helm, observed the training as well. His children attended GIS and was excited to witness the school's collaboration with the SWAT Team. 


Trainers willingly shared some insight into how the Washington County emergency response teams practice for specific scenerios - where entering a premises is actually their very last resort. 

The Topic of 'Safety' at GIS

While our students weren't present for the actual training, I was able to cover the training with our school's camera and make some photos available to classroom teachers as a resource.

As a school, we take safety seriously by practicing drills and coordinating visits with local Fire and Police Departments so that our students have first-hand experience with these agencies.


Thank you to the Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team for allowing us to cover and document this training and share it with our community!

- Julia Matschukat, Marketing and Social Media Cooridnator

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