Jul 16 2018

Beautiful morning

and no windows to see it! All the windows on the North end of the building have been removed (and some of them replaced).

Jul 09 2018

Out With the Old

and in the the new! Part of remodeling means completely changing certain aspects of the building. Check out the new little wall that was built to support the new windows on the first floor!

Jun 20 2018

Windows are coming out!

The old windows on the bottom floor are coming out. Prep work has begun for the new windows .

Jun 18 2018

Views From Above

TEAM Construction has started work on the roof!

Jun 15 2018

They are working very high off the ground today!

Jun 13 2018

The Flags have come down!

Thank you to Hunter Gregg , Mark Newman and Jameson Wittkopp for working hard to bring the flags down.

Jun 11 2018

We have moved to the back of the building.

The work continues at a quick pace. The tear down and wrap has moved to back of the building.

Jun 07 2018

Exterior Photos - June 2018

Here are some photos of the progress for the exterior evolution!

Jun 06 2018

Thank you

Thank you to everyone that made this project possible! A special Thanks to the German Government "Auswärtiges Amt".

Jun 01 2018

Green Screen is In!

The new green screen, funded through the spring special appeal is in. We are excited to see it grow!

May 01 2018

Building Plans

Plans from Studio 3 Architecture for the new exterior.