Freiwillig mithelfen



Volunteering is so vital to enriching your child’s education at GIS. Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us. We’re ready for a fun year of working and playing together making GIS a great place to be! Please review the many ways you can engage in our community as a volunteer.

Weekly Volunteers

These volunteer positions require a school year commitment (September - June)

Lead Volunteers – Development

These are long-term volunteer positions that span several months or across the school year. They provide an opportunity to support GIS fundraising efforts. They range in commitment from 10-50 hours.

Event Volunteers

It takes a village to make a great event! We need lots of help for both our community and fundraising events.

Miscellaneous Volunteer Jobs

Not a GIS parent, but interested in volunteering? We’d love to hear from you.

Why do you volunteer for GIS?