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About the School

At the German International School, we educate well-rounded, global citizens from Preschool through fifth grade. 

Learn how our mission, philosophy, school environment, and curriculum inform how we educate our students.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is demanding, stimulating, and fun, encouraging children to:

  • use all their senses to explore their environment
  • excel academically, artistically, physically, socially, and emotionally

We provide a structured learning environment that fosters their inner motivation and stimulates each child to advance their level of knowledge and skills.

GIS is a International Baccalaureate (IB)  Primary Years Programme  candidacy school and also certified through the German Government. Academic standards reflect competencies from the German and US curricula. The program meets and exceeds Oregon curricular standards and prepares students successfully for participation in German language diplomas in grade 3 and 5. 

Learn more about the IB Primary Years Programme

Well-Rounded Education

The education of each child requires consistent and cooperative communication between the family, the school and the child. Each participant in this process makes vital contributions to the learner’s personal growth. All parties share responsibility toward the learner to foster qualities needed for constructive world citizenship, such as:

  • respect for human values
  • the ability to solve problems
  • adaptability to a diverse world of rapid change, and the acceptance of responsibility.

Explore Grade-Specific Curricula

Learn more about what our curriculum looks like at the Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary levels, as well as, for our Extended Education programs: 

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