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Herzlich Willkommen!

a message from our Head of School

When you walk through the doors of the German American School of Portland, you’ll know immediately that it is a special place. It’s a warm and welcoming place—one where individuals at every level are inspired to grow and learn.
Please allow me a moment to tell you what our school, our curriculum and our community are about and why we are so excited and happy to be a part of it.

The German American School (GSP) is a growing, independent school dedicated to enriching the lives of more than 160 students, their parents and teachers through multi-cultural interaction.

GSP is a dual language program where both the German and the American languages and cultures are taught and appreciated. We value the positive effect that learning a second language has on a child's intellectual growth and mental development. And we create an environment that develops a child’s natural curiosity about learning and the world around them.

We immerse our children in a warm and caring German-speaking environment at an early age. Our preschoolers and Kindergarteners acquire their first foreign language skills in a playful way without realizing how our focus on art, crafts, music, songs and games gently introduces them to German. In fact, we open the door to more than one culture: We prepare our children to fully participate in our multicultural world. By being bilingual, our children develop a lifelong ability to communicate with people from other backgrounds and exhibit positive attitudes toward other languages and cultures.

Our bi-national grade school program focuses on each student as a whole and offers a curriculum that combines both US and German standards of education, as well as academic, social, and artistic concerns.

The school is at its best in person, so I encourage you to
visit the school and experience all that GSP has to offer your family.

Blake Peters

Head of School