GSP at a glance

The German American School (GSP) is a small, independent school dedicated to enriching the lives of students, parents and teachers through cross-cultural interaction.



  • GSP was established in 1995.


  • GSP educates students from Preschool through grade five and offers middle school through a partnership with the Gilkey International Middle School.


  • Total student enrollment: 164


  • Faculty: 20 full-time, 8 part-time


  • Student to teacher ratio: 8: 1


  • Average class size: 18 


  • GSP awards financial assistance to approximately 17% of our students in Kindergarten through fifth grade.

  • GSP is a diverse, close-knit community representing over 27 different nationalities.


  • GSP has over 25 networked computers and full wireless Internet access throughout the school and a host of technology tools including smart boards, digital projectors, digital voice recorders, digital cameras, and video recorders.


  • Number of items in the school’s library: 14,000 (60% German, 40% English).


  • GSP students participate in choir, learn a musical instrument, perform in an annual play, and learn to play team sports.


  • GSP students arrive each day from as far east as Estacada and Clackamas and from as far west as Forest Grove.


  • Our school features state-of-the-art facilities, art and music classrooms, solar panel installation and solar lab, and a soccer field.


  • GSP is one of the 7 North American German Schools abroad (Boston, Montreal, New York, Portland, Silicon Valley, Toronto, and Washington DC).