Eltern und Schüler

Parent Information

We value and need strong relationships with our school’s families

Families who choose the German International School (GIS) have a deep commitment to the school’s mission and philosophy. Parent involvement gives the school a rich, nurturing environment and provides parents opportunities to work closely with the faculty, form relationships with other parents, and become invested in the GIS community.

Diverse, close-knit community

The GIS Community is made up of families who represent over 24 different nationalities. We honor these various cultures, languages, and traditions by bringing parents into the classroom. The discussions that result from this exposure to different cultures, world religions, food, music, art and more helps form well-rounded, global citizens.

We also offer German Language classes and Minis Playgroup as extra resources for parents and members of the larger Portland community.

In addition to parent invlovement and community events, GIS boasts many opportunities to enrich student life. From our in-house, curriculum-based Extended Care program, to interesting After School Clubs (AGs) that inspire creativity, keep kids active, and offer hands-on learning experiences, to Summer Camps that keep children engaged even during those summer months - our students' opportunities for enrichment continue outside the realm of the "normal" school day. Explore these  Extended Learning Programs  for more detailed information.

What GIS parents are saying