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David Graves

Grade School, Extended Care

I finished university at age 26. I eventually found myself in San Francisco, where SF State had a unique major called "NEXA". It was a program designed in the early 1970s. I suppose it was like a very early version of the IB Diploma program. By the time I graduated, all I really wanted to do was avoid for-profit work. I had a naturally curious mind, but was not particularly entrepreneurial or motivated by money. As such I found myself doing office stuff for Energy Trust of Oregon, a nonprofit dedicated to energy conservation, and then temporary work, where someone told me that they thought I'd have fun teaching kids in China, so that's what I did. 

It was there that I found, unexpectedly, that being a level-headed weirdo was something many children needed. I eventually moved on to teaching kids in Indonesia, and then adults in Korea, and then back to elementary and middle school in Taiwan. 

It is my hope that I can provide a bit more than daycare for the kids. I like to challenge young ones to consider the "how" and "why" of things, particularly their own intense emotions. I'm here to be a source of calm for the kids, and also to guide them toward figuring stuff out about themselves and about the world.

I like to ride an old scooter as far as it will go before it breaks down and leaves me stranded, forcing me to figure out a way back to civilization. I also like weeklong, solo hiking trips off-trail, and traveling to random countries and not buying a SIM card. I also like to play around on the piano/keyboards, drums, guitars, accordions, and whatever other sound-making devices I can get my hands on.

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