Unsere Schule

About the School

At the German International School, we educate well-rounded, global citizens from Preschool through fifth grade. 

Learn how our mission, philosophy, school environment, curriculum, and school organization inform how we educate our students.

Our School Environment

GIS provides a warm, caring, supportive environment for children as they explore the world around them and absorb a second language.

Our school creates a setting rich with language, play, music, art, and crafts while stimulating the children’s innate creativity and curiosity. We encourage each child to become an active group member by promoting inquiry-based, cooperative, and collaborative learning.

Homeroom Classrooms

Our classrooms are warm and welcoming places that encourage students to become independent individuals. Each child begins their day in their homeroom classroom, where they store their belongings before moving into circle time or their first lesson.

Art Room

The art room is a bright classroom filled with quality art supplies and German tables that can incline to accommodate students' artistic needs. Creativity and self-expresioon are the focus of this space. See what our Art students are up to over on the GIS Visual Archive

Sport Room

Our sport room features equipment from Germany that allows students to practice balance, climbing, tumbling, jumping and dexterity.

Maker Space

Our maker space features a plethora of science equipment, technology options, art supplies and fun math munipulatives.  

Music Room

Our music room is constantly transforming - for one class it improves rhythm by letting students explore drum instruments, while the next class promotes finger dexterity by strumming guitars. However it transforms itself, you are sure to hear an abundance of sounds, instruments, and musical styles emanating from the music room.

Green Spaces

At GIS, we believe in the power of nature and fresh air on a child's state of mind. Green spaces have been proven to benefit social, academic, and mental health in students, as well as adults. Our school features several green spaces:

Creek Access

A wonderful creek runs beside GIS. Fall of 2014, parent volunteers and GIS staff worked to clean up this wonderful space and create two creek access points where teachers and students can conduct experiments, observe native plants and animals, or simply bring the classroom outdoors and take in the nature.

Building Corner

Our playground features a building corner supplied with recycled and reclaimed wood logs, branches, and stumps. Here we encourage students to exercise the creative side of their brains, building forts or other structures. Students also build confidence in individuals, encourage teamwork, and even bolster friendships through working together.


Here at GIS we have a variety of gardens, where students learn about the amazing lifecycle of plants:

  • Vegetable Garden that classes use to grow a selection of vegetables and herbs. These classes have a lot of fun watching and eating the fruits of their work.  
  • Bird and Bug Garden filled with native and other flowering plants to attract local wildlife to our schoolyard.
  • Garden Beds around the playground that offer the students opportunities to use their imagination as they pick plants to make perfumes or potions. These little gardens teach students about the growing seasons of plants as they enjoy picking strawberries in the spring and harvesting grapes in the fall.

Gardens are a great way for students to learn compassion and form a life-long appreciation for the environment around them. Our community forms lasting bonds when we work together to tend the GIS gardens or participate in our annual Playground Clean-up.


We have five main areas on our playground: 

  • A turfed field for playing soccer and other sports.
  • A open court area for basketball, soccer, jumping rope, four square, hopscotch, and tricycle riding.
  • A play structure with a focus on climbing, sliding, crossing bars, hanging, and balancing.
  • A covered area with a small dome climber, crossing bars for littles, balance beams, two sandboxes, a water table, instruments and a stage for performing. 
  • A multi-use playfield with real grass and a barkchip track for a variety of sports and free-play during recess. 

Our playground provides our students the opportunity for physical activity and time to be social with their peers.