Years in the Making

In our 22 years as an established immersion school, we have grown from educating a small group of children to a community of 200 students and their families!

Back in 2016 the Building Committee, who is responsible for ongoing maintenance and long-term planning for the campus, engaged a team of professionals to do a full assessment of the school’s mechanical systems (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc.), exterior envelope (windows, roof, siding), and properties (hazardous materials, oil tanks, subsurface soils).  The most pressing need was established as the exterior envelope.  

After gathering initial estimates and design ideas, a contractor and an architect were chosen. Their initial concepts were the basis for the German government grant application that was submitted. On October 22, 2017 we received the exciting news that we had received the grant from the   German Government  to improve our facilities. With the grant approved, the next phase of project development (detailed estimates, drawings, financing options) began.

On April 6, 2018 the GIS board formally voted on approving contractor choice, architect, and a budget to execute on the project.  

With growth, conservative fiscal management and strategic oversight, GIS is now in a position where it can start phase 1 of its evolution plan.

Seismic Upgrades 

We are excited to share the steps we have taken this summer during the remodel to improve school safety. We would like to express our appreciation to all who were involved in this process. 

Our ceiling grid has been upgraded to current building code to protect the building occupants.  This entailed installing compression posts, strapping, and Berc2 clips above the entire ceiling grid.  These improvements will prevent ceiling tiles, light fixtures, and the metal frame from falling during any shaking.  

We all appreciate your flexibility and support in this process and although these improvements are ‘hidden’ above the ceiling grid, we can all rest a bit easier knowing we have come together to take the best care of our children.


Other Improvents so far ... 

New: windows in the stairwells, window treatments, flooring in the stairwells & teacher’s lounge, lighting in the stairwells & main bathrooms, door in the lunchroom, siding and external paint, interior paint, and electric outlets on the exterior of the building.

Replaced fencing along the playground, repaired concrete, replaced all windows and window sills, made playground, planter bed and parking lot improvements, upgraded the door code system and will be adding a new lobby screen for announcements.

Behind the Scenes

This is the biggest project GIS has taken on and we could not have made it this far without support. We are lucky to have so many thoughtful, diligent, creative, and open minded parent volunteers working on the committees to make this happen.

Special thank you to:

Building Committee

  • Robert Glatz
  • Micha Ramsey
  • Marcus Eyth
  • Mark Newman
  • Jody Yates
  • Blake Peters

Design Committee

  • Shawn and Britta Bavaresco
  • Tom and Natalie Bell
  • Taylor Quinn
  • Sonja Niess

Finance Committee

  • Ulrike Weiler
  • Robert Glatz
  • Carsten Schemel
  • Jackie Ortega

Recent Updates

Sep 14 2018

Ribbon Cutting & Campus Celebration

The beginning of a new era! We are eternally grateful to the German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) for the generous grant that made this remodel possible. We would also like to thank the City of Beaverton, Mayor Denny Doyle, the Beaverton Planning Department, Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce, Chase Bank and the Beaverton Downtown Association for their support!

Aug 27 2018

Siding Progress

It's all starting to come together!

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