Development Lead Volunteers

Holiday Market Merchandise Lead

What’s a German Holiday Market without nutcrackers, pyramids and smokers? This volunteer lead is key to the success of our German merchandise sales, which is the main focal point for our Market Vendor Tent. This position involves work throughout the school year, with heavy focus in November, December and March.

What we ask from you in this role:

  • Works with our Development Director to order German merchandise for the market (March)
  • Organizes and coordinates inventory (November)
  • Prepares for and host pricing parties for market preparation (November)
  • Serve as lead volunteer for merchandise sales during the market (December)
  • After the event, review market sales and set-up with our Development Director to make adjustments for future markets. (December)

This key volunteer position provides 35 hours of volunteer service – more than half way to VIP Volunteer status.

Xochi Alshaswari has filled this role – thank you Xochi!