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Caring into Action!

During November students celebrate the life of Sankt Martin by collecting canned goods for our annual Food Drive and emulating the IB Learner Profile word "Caring". Read on to learn how these topics inspired one particular GIS Preschooler into action!

Sankt Martin

Sankt Martin, or  St. Martin, was a soldier in Roman times. He was famous for his kindness and generosity, as well as for his modesty and simplicity. The story goes that Sankt Martin came across a beggar freezing in the snow and cut his cloak in half to share with the man. 

Watch this adorable student-narrated, shadow puppet story that gives you an overview of St. Martin’s life (in German, English version starts at 2:20):

Food Drive at GIS

1 in 5 people in Oregon face food insecurity. In order to practice the generosity that is so aptly illustrated in the story of St. Martin, GIS hosts an annual Food Drive to help these people. Students collect canned goods and other non-perishable items to bring to school to help the Oregon Food Bank combat hunger in Oregon.

Our very own Frau Kapela leads the GIS Food Drive every year for the school. With her Art students, she makes posters to advertise facts about families in need in Oregon and lists of good items to donate. This year, Frau Kapela made a special visit to the Preschool and Kindergarten classes to speak with the students about hunger, homelessness, and how we can help those in need.

Caring into Action

Frau Kapela's words struck a chord with one student in particular from the Drachen Preschool Classroom:

On Halloween Sylvie was dressed as Wonderwoman. She started the drive home after school with her mom when they passed by some homeless people. Remembering Frau Kapela's words about helping those in need and the story of Sankt Martin giving to the beggar, Sylvie was inspired into action! Sylvie asked her parents if they could go to the store and deliver food and other necessities to the homeless people she saw. And off they went. 


After the supplies were bought, Sylvie and her family packaged them together into little kits. Then it was time to deliver these supplies to those in need.


Sylvie embodied the IB Learner Profile "Caring" through her compassion and generosity. Taking action made her a true superhero to some of those in need in the Portland area. What an inspiring Wonderwoman!

You can make a difference, too!

Last year we collected over 900 lbs. of donations. Help us reach this year's goal of collecting 1,000 lbs. of donations!

Any donation of canned food, or non-perishable items helps us get closer to our goal! Bring your items to your child's classroom and GIS Community members can leave donations in the GIS lobby. Frau Kapela will hand over the donations to the Oregon Food Bank on Monday, November 14th. 

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