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Middle School


The Middle School Program at German International School

Launching German and Mandarin 6th grade fall 2023.

Since opening in 1995, GIS has worked to build a strong community of administrators, educators, and supporters to bring a first-rate language immersion education to the Portland metro region. Building on that reputation, GIS will offer even more families an option in student-centered education for grades 6-8.

GIS Portland will continue to offer small class sizes, hands-on learning, experienced teachers, and a multicultural environment.

The Middle School is headed by Director Thaddaeus Smith,

Curriculum Overview

The GIS middle school features a challenging curriculum built around its renowned German and Mandarin language-immersion program with advanced classes, small class sizes, a third language, a science and technology program, and a well-rounded arts program.

Students will spend about 50 percent of each week learning in their target language and 50 percent in English with thirteen subjects a week taught in all grades. See below for a breakdown of the curriculum:


Biology focuses on the research of living organisms and the natural environment: animals, plants, bacteria and humans. Biology also includes a responsible relationship with nature and its conservation. Students use a variety of scientific methods and materials to explore this subject.


A full fledged art program is essential for a well-rounded student and at GIS middle schoolers participate in art, band, choir, and theater. Students choose a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument (provided by the school) to learn. Concepts include posture, tone production, note and rhythm reading, and articulations. The band will periodically perform throughout the year. Art, choir, and theater rotate throughout the year in trimesters with emphasis on the fundamentals of choral music, exploration of the theatrical arts, and learning to express themselves through the visual arts. Each trimester ends in a culminating presentation.


This class integrates both history and geography. Students will develop an understanding of history that encourages inquiry into the events and happenings of people around the world and from different time periods, and how that history shapes the modern world. Geography includes knowledge about the earth in general, its origin and structure, and how people interact with it. Through a study of history and geography, students are encouraged to think critically about issues in the past, present and future, and how to address those issues in an informed way.


This class is designed to focus on grammar, syntax, and writing conventions in German. Students engage in lessons that focus on improving their understanding of German grammar and applying that understanding to their writing.


This class emphasizes the English language skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, thinking, viewing, and presenting. Studies of various literary genres include short stories, poetry, literature, and non-fiction.


Designed to focus on grammar, syntax, and writing conventions in English. Students learn how to adapt their writing to various audiences, how to present their learning through presentations and reports and how to determine appropriateness of tone and voice.

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