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Chinese Track Math

The goal of the math program in the GIS Chinese track is to help students develop a deep and versatile understanding of math concepts and applications. 

Math classes are conducted in Chinese and involve Arabic numerals as well as Chinese characters.

At the beginning of their math journey, stories and fun activities help young children start to grasp concepts in a playful and engaging way. Math is all around us and students can connect this by going on a shape hunt, sorting leaves by color, or counting their friends in class. 

Critical thinking is a main focus with math learning throughout the grades, and teachers give students the tools to show them how concepts connect to the world around them.

In Kindergarten students will use lots of hands-on learning to enhance conceptual understanding, and get them excited about the world of numbers. Manipulatives such as the abacus, scales, ten-frames, geoboards, and more teach problem-solving, spatial memory, symmetry, and more. Problem-solving and using math skills in “real world” scenarios is highlighted with units on measuring, weight, time, money, and more.

In elementary grades, the Chinese track uses China-based math textbooks and curriculum, and continuing the use of manipulatives to understand and practice a variety of concepts. Teachers are attuned to each student’s progress as they learn more complex concepts and computations.

Fifth graders typically graduate 12-18 months ahead of their counterparts using the U.S. Common Core math curriculum. 

The goal is that over time students gain confidence, and are able to verbalize their thinking, connect to real-world situations, and solve problems in a variety of ways.

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