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IB Learner Profile: Caring

One of the first attributes of the IB (International Baccalaureate) Learner Profile we introduce each school year is CARING. It is so foundational to the way we interact with each other and with our environment.

The Learner Profile are ten attributes valued by IB World Schools like GIS. We believe these attributes, and others like them, can help individuals and groups become responsible members of local, national and global communities.

Students who are caring show empathy, compassion, and respect towards the needs and feelings of others. They have a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and the world around them. From helping a friend, to picking up garbage after lunch, if you care, it will show!

Throughout the school year and different grade levels you will see many of our transdisciplinary units with an emphasis on caring. Garbage, housing, migration, money, health and more are all areas where caring can be integrated in their inquiries. At GIS we empower students to delve deeper into their learning and see how they can turn their caring into making a difference.

How can parents help develop caring students?

  • Model the caring behavior you would like to see in your child. Your child notices everything you do. Use kind words, help others, and be an active listener. This will show your child that you care about other people.
  • Help your child consider the feelings of others. Ask, "What do you think she's upset about?" "How would you feel if that happened to you?"
  • Read books that demonstrate caring and kindness. Discuss the message of the story and how it can be applied in your every day lives. Ask, "What are some things we can do to show kindness?" "Is there anyone we know that could use some extra caring right now?"
  • Brainstorm ways your family can get involved in the community. Donate food, clothing, or toys to those in need. Send cards to residents of a local nursing home or sign up to help at the Oregon Food Bank.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle. Sometimes this can be challenging for busy families, but make an effort to establish these habits in your home. By developing children who care about the environment, you are helping the future of the Earth.
  • Emphasize social skills like saying please, thank you, sharing with siblings, and recognizing when others may be having a difficult day.

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