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Lower School Math at GIS

Math-learning in the GIS lower grades of preschool and kindergarten aims to introduce young students to basics in a fun, hands-on way and then to the concept of rational thinking.

Entenland, a proven German math program, focuses on basic skills such as sorting and ordering, orientation in space and time, and initial experience with dice and counting skills. In all activities, linguistic development is also being engaged through discussions, rhymes, riddles, and stories about the funny ducks and their land!

As an IB (International Baccalaureate) World School all learning is transdisciplinary, meaning math concepts are weaved into art projects, language arts, science experiments and more.

For example a kindergarten class beginning its IB Unit on, “How We Express Ourselves,” practiced their storytelling skills on creating a narrative for the number 11 since their math program, Numberland, had ended at the number 10.

They collaborated together on the story, creating storyboards to explore the beginning, middle, and end and deciding on a title. Students agreed on an ending and worked together to illustrate and write the story.

As students explore Duckland and Numberland they practice basic concepts through puzzles, discussions, and stories.

These programs emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving through playful scenarios with little ducks and the silly goose that comes along and mismatches and gets things out of order. Students work together and brainstorm ways to help the little duck and how to correct the goose.

At GIS we believe math is all around us and so young students go on shape hunts around the school, sort leaves from outside by color, and practice counting by counting how many friends are at school or how many snacks are on their plate.

Kindergarten classes also use manipulatives like number lines, number paths, abacus, "Schuettelbox," ten frames and other hands-on materials that help students with beginning concepts like addition and subtraction. Meanwhile real-world concepts around shapes, measuring, weight, time, and money also begin at this level.

Lower grade students at GIS are well-prepared for more advanced math concepts as they enter first grade and continue their math-learning journey.

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