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New Look of Sport at GIS

Physical Education at GIS has gotten off to a good start!  Each class spent the first few weeks of school learning the rules, understanding the expectations, and performing warm-up routines.  As a new teacher, I also spent that time trying my best to learn all of the student’s names, as well as a few of their favorite things.  


There are 5 main rules that each student should strive to follow every time they have P.E. class. The 5 rules coincide with the letters of “sport”:

S-safe(move your body and use equipment safely) 

P-prepared(come to P.E. class ready to listen, with good shoes to move in)

O-open to try new things(have a good attitude about trying new things)

R-respectful(be respectful to each other, Frau Lewis, and the equipment) 

T-team players(demonstrate good sportsmanship and kindness to everyone) 


At the end of each grade school class, the students and I talk about whether or not their class followed all 5 rules, each rule followed equals 1 point their class gets to move up on the point chart.  Once their class reaches 60 points, they get to have a class choice day during their P.E. class! Ask your child how many total points their class has, or how many points out of 5 their class earned each day that they have P.E. 


Aside from rules and routines the students have been having fun while moving their bodies!  The upper grades, 3rd-5thgrade classes started off the year by competing in the “Olympics”.  They worked with their teammates to score points in 8 different events and even came up with a team cheer for their country.  During the rest of the school year, each grade will spend time in a wide variety of units and sports relating to what unit they are in, in the classroom.  For example, the 3rdgrade classes are going to learn how to keep their bodies healthy by performing different health-related fitness components.  I am really looking forward to utilizing the large space at the courts starting in November!


The lower grades, 1st-2nd grade classes started off the year by moving their bodies in a lot of different ways. First, they showed me how they can move their bodies in a good self-space by acting out stories.  Then, they showed me how they can travel in different ways, by performing locomotor skills (running, skipping, galloping, jumping, hopping, etc.) The rest of the school year will be fun and exciting for the students, as well as myself, as we make our way through learning all of the manipulative movement skills, that we will be able to use in lots of fun games.


The Kindergarten and Pre-K classes started off the year by learning how to follow the rules during P.E. class while moving to music, using bean bags, and playing tag.  The 4 rules in the gym are: have active ears and eyes, have helpful hands, follow directions, and move safely. As the weeks progress, I am eager to see the student’s reactions and abilities when I introduce new movements, equipment, skills, and games in fun ways.  I am also very thankful to have Frau Cohn there to help during each class!


The overall vision of the Physical Education program here at GIS is to inspire and prepare children to be life-long movers.  In addition to understanding the importance of being active, students will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to live active lifestyles.  Students will also have opportunities to develop social skills; such as, communication, good sportsmanship, self-responsibility, cooperation, respect towards others, and what it means to have an open mindset.  

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