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Our Awesome Middle School

My Awesome Middle School Experience

by 6th grader Maya S.

When I started at the German International Middle School, I was a bit nervous. Even though I had been at the elementary school pretty much all my life, it was still a different building with different teachers.

The middle school building is small but really nice. Perfect for a middle school only currently containing 13 students. It has a big open space we call “The Fox Den,'' where we can hang out on bean bags, play ping-pong or foosball, and eat. Then we have extremely spacious lockers that are accessible from both sides with plenty of room for all your school supplies and more! We also have two bathrooms, two classrooms, and a library! 

Our schedules are organized by A weeks and B weeks. A weeks are the more normal weeks, but on B week Wednesdays we have Experiential Learning Days. On those days, we will either go on a field trip or we stay at the school for some science related projects. One time we went on a field trip to a ropes course park and another day we had a whole day at school doing science experiments in stations. 

Another thing we do is the students will be split into groups for each semester. One group will have art class while the other does music appreciation. Then, at the end of the semester, the groups will switch. 

Even if our school is small now, it will continue to grow (especially if you send your kid there!). Next year, the seventh graders will have an entirely new building and the new sixth graders will be in our current building. 

I really like our school and so do my classmates and I think others will like it too! I hope to see you next year!

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