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STEAM Week with Early Learning

by Daniela Williams

I am thrilled to share with you the remarkable experiences and discoveries made during our recent STEAM Week in Early Learning classes, Twos, Preschool, and Kindergarten. 

It has been incredibly rewarding to witness the enthusiasm and creativity displayed by our young learners as they explored the diverse realms of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Throughout the week, each class selected an activity that showcased one of the fields represented in STEAM, with students and  family members to work together on various projects.

Volcanic Eruptions and Scientific Exploration

In one class the air was filled with anticipation as students and families gathered to witness volcanic eruptions! With simple household ingredients, our budding scientists created mini volcanoes that erupted in a wonderful display of fizz and foam, igniting a passion for inquiry and discovery.

Engineering Marvels and Tower Escapes 

In some of our other classes our young engineers embarked on a mission to help Rapunzel find her way out of a tower. With ingenuity and teamwork, they constructed escape routes using simple materials like toilet paper rolls and popsicle sticks. Through this hands-on engineering challenge, children honed their problem-solving skills while unleashing their creativity, all with the support and collaboration of their families. 

The same spirit of creativity and collaboration was evident in another class, where students were tasked with building bridges to help protect three goats from a troll! Drawing inspiration from the classic tale Three Billy Goats Gruff, our young engineers rose to the occasion, constructing sturdy structures that could withstand a troll's might and anger!

Safety First: Building Houses for the Three Little Pigs

Inspired by the timeless tale, students and families collaborated to build sturdy houses for the Three Little Pigs! Armed with a variety of materials, they designed and constructed resilient structures capable of withstanding the huffs and puffs of the Big Bad Wolf. This activity not only reinforced important engineering principles but also emphasized the value of teamwork and resilience.

Robotics and Innovation 

In another exciting endeavor, students and families delved into the world of robotics by creating their very own robotic hands out of strings and straws. This activity encourages students to think about how the human body functions, robotic technology in the real world, and elements of design and is so fun to use upon completion!

Mathematical Adventures and Colorful Explorations 

Meanwhile, mathematical puzzles and challenges captivated the minds of our young mathematicians. From solving equations to exploring geometric shapes, students and families engaged in mathematical adventures that sparked curiosity and critical thinking. Additionally, they observed the enchanting transformations that occur when colors mix, exploring both color theory and artistic expression.

Planting Seeds and Observing Growth 

In yet another group, students and families planted seeds in pots. Over the ensuing weeks, they will observe and care for their plants, learning valuable lessons about the life cycle of plants and their environments.

As we reflect on the enriching experiences of STEAM Week, I am filled with gratitude for the dedication and enthusiasm of our Early Learning community. Thank you to all our teachers, students, and families for their unwavering support and partnership in nurturing the minds and hearts of our young learners!

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