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The Inventions Unit!

As an IB (International Baccalaureate) World School, students at GIS work their way through units that dive deep into themes of how we impact both our immediate and worldwide communities.

An exciting unit that students look forward to in second grade is Inventions!

The unit examines problems people have encountered in history and how they solved some of those problems through invention.

Students then think about what current problems they would like to solve and brainstorm inventions that help the Earth, animals, or people. Using found objects and recyclable materials, students set to work “building” their inventions, working through issues that arise, and eventually showing their classmates their object and explaining in detail how they work. 

A big, illustrative timeline goes up on the wall documenting a timeline of both the inventions they’ve studied and their own contraptions.

It’s a fun and thoughtful exercise in creativity, problem-solving, and examining the impact we have on our planet and each other.

The writing and presentations are done in German, but a few examples of some student inventions are featured below with the English translation of the student’s description.

Mouse House

I wanted to help animals. 

It is a box with a ball and a door.

Mice will have water and food in there and can play. 


I want to help humans and the environment 

It is a sweater with wings that works by moving your arms.

You can fly with it and research birds better.

Trash Pick Up

I wanted to help the earth.

It is a mini car with a trash magnet.

The car picks up trash to help keep the environment clean.

Marine Cleaner

I wanted to help the earth.

It is a little boat without any humans on it.

The boat helps to keep the ocean clean by setting free a fish that eats poison. 

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