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Über Fit: Sport

Physical Education at GIS is all about collaboration with what is learned in the classroom. Instead of the PE teacher choosing which skills and sports are going to be learned, we try to relate to the subject the kids are working on . While the motor skills are still what we do in the PE class, it`s the social skills, positive attitudes and fun that are emphasized during sports classes.

In 5th grade the kids are learning about how culture influences sport, since they are learning what culture means during regular classes. In sport we are going around the world and come into contact with all sorts of fun, unknown and strange sports. We went to Ireland to learn about Gaelic Football. We visited Asia and practiced Badminton, Table Tennis and even tried out Sepak Takraw, which is a mix between Soccer, Badminton and Volleyball. We also learned about how Lacrosse originated from the Native Americans and tried to play it.

Spiderweb, Minefield, Stick over a rope, Walk on Ball are just a few of the Teambuilding exercises we tried out in 4th grade. We learned what it meant to help one another, to be supportive and helpful even when you are not the one included in the action. We will take these learned social skills and transfer them into playing all sorts of Team sports next.

Our Fittest class so far are the 3th graders, they have burned about 5 sugarcubes during a child friendly Fitness Circuit Training Class. Kids had to keep track of the number of repetitions and the intensity of each Fitness exercise. The end result: A bunch of sweaty kids who learned a lot about what coordination means, what core control feels like and some might even remember some of the Latin names of the muscles in our body! Triceps, Biceps, Quads, Abdomen, Obliques (ask them where they are, they might know!).

2nd graders are learning how different people have different roles in a community. In sport, we become a small little circus community ourselves. Each kid will have a different role in the circus  to create a clownish, acrobatic and magical community.

In first grade we have been learning on what it means to be an active and fit first grader. What do we need to do when we are thirsty? How do we clean up all of the equipment ? How do we tag? How do we play soccer on the `Fussballfeld` during pause? How do we play Tag and Grab games?  The answer is: Really Good! We have been having SOOOOO much fun in sport! We are off to a great start! .

During physical education kids at GIS discover what it means to have an active, healthy lifestyle Kids come in  contact with certain sports and activities they have never heard of, but stay interested because they can relate to what they are doing in the classroom. It's a lot of fun!


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