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Beyond the Classroom: The Impact of After-School Clubs

At GIS we know its important to offer fun, educational after-school opportunities for our families and their students. These extracurricular activities offer a wealth of opportunities for growth, learning, and fun. Let's explore why our after school clubs are a fantastic addition to your child's experience with us!

Building Confidence

Participation in after-school clubs is a fantastic way for students to build confidence and self-esteem. Whether it's mastering a new dance move, strategizing their next move in chess, or learning a new song on the piano, each accomplishment boosts their sense of achievement. As they overcome challenges and showcase their talents, students learn to believe in themselves and their abilities, laying a strong foundation for future success.

Developing Social Skills

After-school clubs offer a supportive environment for students to interact with peers who share similar interests, helping them build friendships and develop essential social skills. From collaborating on engineering projects, to displaying good sportsmanship during a Pokémon card match, these activities cultivate teamwork, communication, and empathy. By navigating group dynamics and embracing different viewpoints, students actively develop these important interpersonal skills.

Exploring New Interests

Clubs provide opportunities for students to explore new interests and hobbies, helping them discover their talents outside of the classroom. At GIS we make it a priority to listen to our students’ interests when deciding on the different types of after-school clubs to offer. Our Dungeons and Dragons club is a great example of this! We noticed many of our students were playing a version of the game at recess or talking about it during lunch, and saw an opportunity to create a place where they could explore it further. All of our clubs serve as catalysts for curiosity and exploration, empowering students to expand their horizons and uncover their passions.

Encouraging Healthy Habits

Many of our after-school clubs promote physical activity and well-being, encouraging students to stay active and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Whether they're scoring goals during soccer, perfecting their gymnastics routine, or learning a new game during Play Fit Fun, our students are getting their bodies moving and having a blast. Through these activities, they learn the importance of staying active, maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and prioritizing their well-being.

In conclusion, our after-school clubs not only complement classroom learning but also serve as vibrant platforms for students to explore, grow, and thrive. We're committed to providing diverse opportunities that empower every child to discover their passions, build lasting friendships, and unlock their full potential.

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